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Basic Information of Japan

Basic information of Japan 

Land area of Japan is about 1.14 times of Malaysia and Population is about 4 times of Malaysia. 


Tokyo is about 550 km away from Osaka.
It takes 2 and half hours to travel from Tokyo to Osaka by express. 


Japanese uniqueness 1 

The four seasons are distinct in Japan, so  we value the sense of season.  There are seasonal scenery, foods and events.

Spring (March~ May)
Spring is said that it is the most comfortable to live in Japan.  Temperature is mild. Many people move to new places during spring for start of schools and jobs.

Summer (June~ August)
Summer is very hot and humid. During August there is a long holiday so many people go back to hometown and enjoy festivals called ‘Omatsuri’ and fireworks.

Autumn (September~ November)
Autumn is also comfortable to live. Autumn is famous for red leaves and seasonal foods such as pacific saury and chestnuts.

Winter (December~ February)
Winter is very cold and some region has snows. Most people take long holidays to celebrate the New Year. For retailers and restaurants December is the busiest month.

Japanese uniqueness 2 

Japan has unique and various foods and Japanese foods are getting popular in the world.   

Takenoko (Bamboo shoot)

Unagi (Eel)

Sanma (Pacific saury)

Osechi are traditional Japanese New Year foods.


Japan's goodness

Japan has many companies which are internationally famous and they are supporting the growth of Japanese economy. However Japan’s goodness can be found in Japan’s life, too.

Roads and public places are kept very cleaned. 

Japan is famous for its safety worldwide. Criminal percentage is very low compared to other countries.  

There are many shops for daily goods and they are accessible. 
The below retailers make Japan's life convenient providing high quality goods at reasonable price.  






Japan is one of the hottest countries in the world attracting foreigners

Japan is attracting many foreigners as property buyers and tourists and so on. In 2020 Tokyo will be host of summer Olympic game so the number of foreigners to visit Japan will be increasing.

Many foreign buyers
mainly from HK, Taiwan, Singapore and China are very interested in Japanese property.

Tourist attractions
Japan has abundant tourist resources with beautiful scenery, majestic nature, and a variety of culture

2020 Summer Olympic 
will be hold in Tokyo. For Olympic game Tokyo is developing more and more. 

Relaxed visa
Japan relaxed visa requirement for visitors form Southeast Asia including Malaysia in 2013. 

The No. of tourists 
form the world is increasing dramatically. It increased from about 7 mil. in 2005 to about 20 mil. in 2015. 


Malaysian can invest in Japanese property without restriction 

Japanese law does not limit foreigners and foreign companies to buy Japanese property (except for agricultural land).

Open & free market
Malaysian can buy Japanese land, detached house, condominium, office and retail for freehold.

No restriction of buying price
Malaysian law does not allow foreigners to buy property less than RM 1 million in KL but Japanese law does not have such limitation for foreign buyers.

Registration system
Japan has registration system in which buyers need to register their ownership. You can show your ownership to the others by this registration.


The 2nd largest property market in the world

Japan has the 2nd largest property market, which means Japanese property has high liquidity and safety.

Estimated size of institutional-grade property by country.

Estimated size of institutional-grade property by country in Asia-Pacific


High yield compared to other countries 

Distinctive feature of Japanese property is high yield compared to other countries.

Average gross yield of property by country.


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