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Terms of Use

https://japanproperty.com.my herein collectively referred to as the ‘site’, is owned and operated by Japan Property Navi. This is a legal document administrator of Japan Property Navi., herein referred to as ‘this Company’, and the users of the site herein referred as to ‘users’.

By using this site, users show their binding acceptance to the present Terms of Use. Users are assumed to use this site at their own discretion and responsibility. Should you have any question, feel free to contact us at: y.dota@hallfield.jp .

1.Restriction to use website

1) The following actions are prohibited when using the site:
  • Providing false information
  • Violating intellectual property rights or copyrights
  • Providing defamatory or obscene content
  • Providing content offending public order or morals
  • Providing content that violates any applicable law
  • Providing virus infected content
  • Any other conduct not listed here that interferes with the site’s operation or harms the site’s reputation

2) Users shall take a full legal responsibility for any damages this Company or third parties bears for reasons attributable for users’ involvement in the acts stated in previous clause.

3) This Company shall be able to suspend Users’ accounts without any notice in advance if this Company considers users are involved in the acts stated in previous clause from rational aspect.

This Company is not a real estate agent and does not provide the intermediary service for any properties posted on this website.

1) This Company shall not be held responsible for administering a practice of monitoring the companies, which provide contents on this Company.

2) This Company shall not be held responsible for the accuracy of the content of the site. This Company cannot review all the content posted by users or third parties. Users shall use the site at their own discretion and this Company shall not be considered responsible for damages or losses incurred from the use of the site.

3) This Company shall not be held responsible for any damages arising out from natural calamity, temporary suspension of service due to the site maintenance, device failure or concentrated access, fabrication or leakage of the information caused by third parties, the loss and delayed delivery of the information and/or provision of outdated information attributed to the termination of the contract between this Company and real estate agents. Neither shall this Company be held responsible for any accidents and other damages on software and hardware caused in the use of this Company.

4) Besides the cases stated in the previous clauses, this Company is not liable to any claim or controversy arising out of or relating to the use of this Company’s services excluding any claim or controversy causes for reasons attributable to this Company.

5) This site contains links to external sites administrated by third parties. this Company shall not be held responsible for the availability or content of external sites.

3.Intellectual Property
The graphic elements, content and information available on the site is this Company’s property and therefore protected by copyrights.
Company logos present on the site are third parties’ property and are protected by trademarks.
Users may download or copy parts of the site’s content for personal and non-commercial use only with prior approval from this Company or from the authorized representative of the content, if other than this Company. In any case, such hard or soft copies of the site’s content or information have to clearly include the corresponding copyrights or trademarks and provide a link to the original webpage.

4.Use of Personal Information
Please refer to the site’s Privacy Policy.

5. Management of Password
Users are responsible for their own Password. This company shall not be considered responsible for any damages caused by password loss or the password being stolen.

6.Availability / Continuity of the Service
This Company shall not be held responsible for any damages caused by inevitable events altering or interrupting the service such as:
  • virus attack
  • system downtime
  • natural disaster
  • any other event not listed here that cannot be prevented using reasonable means

7.Language and Governing Law
The present terms of use are available in English and Chinese. In the event of an interpretation issue, the English version will take precedence. Any disputes involving this site will be governed by Malaysia Law.

8.Modification of the Terms of Use
This Company reserves the right to modify the present terms of use without prior notice. By their continued use of the site, users are expected to agree with the revised terms of use available on this same page.

9.Modification of the Service
This Company reserves the right to modify, halt temporarily or permanently the service at any time and without preliminary notice.

The present terms of use shall become effective from 1st May 2019.